Aksi lene tchi diamb

Our lab is at the  Laboratoire de Physique of the  Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. We have two lines of research.

Left, cellular lipid droplets in cells marked by different proteins at their surface, Right, in vitro droplets (red) included in a giant vesicles

One axe revolves around lipid storage and utilization mechanisms. We aim to understand the fate of lipids in cells, from the physical chemistry to the physiological spectrum. We especially study the formation of cellular lipid droplets, organelles at the core of cellular metabolism, and how proteins specifically bind to their surface. To tackle these topics, we combine in vitro emulsion droplets and cell biology approaches.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 11.14.55.png
Compact emulsion droplets generated by microfluidics

Our second line of research focuses on the development droplet interface bilayers in microfluidics, and membrane physical chemistry, for a high throughput screening of protein-membrane interactions. We aim with such approaches to develop future diagnostic tools for drugs.







February 2019| Mohyeddine’s paper on Septin 9 is out in iScience!


January 2019| Dalila and Kalthoum’s paper on perilipins in ahead of print in MBOC!


September 2018| ART is awarded the CNRS/INSB Paoletti Prize

September 30 – October 3, 2018| GERLI 14TH INTERNATIONAL LIPIDOMICS MEETING  is taking at Saint Maximin La Sainte Baume FRANCE Hotel le Couvent Royal

21 – 25 October 2018 | Lucca, Italy, Endoplasmic reticulum function in health and disease

January 2018

An Asymmetry in Monolayer Tension Regulates Lipid Droplet Budding Direction


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