Membrane determinants for protein binding to droplet monolayers

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Thiam et al. 2013 Nat.Rev.Mol.Cell.Bio
Thiam et al. 2017 JCS




We aim to understand membrane properties and protein features that mediate the specific binding of proteins to droplet monolayers. We use reconstitution assays to probe the interaction of purified proteins with model membranes made by droplet interface bilayers or liposomes. We also probe in a cellular context whether the established parameters affect protein localization.                          

Biophysical regulation of neutral lipids accumulation 

One of our current focus is to understand how lipid surfactants  and membrane physical properties are involved in the formation and utilization of cellular lipid droplets.

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Thiam et al. 2016 Mol. and Cell Bio. of lipids

Controlling droplet interface bilayers with microfluidics

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 12.11.12 PMWe are presently developing droplet microfluidics systems to generate high throughput model bilayers for detecting protein activity/functionality. demarrang