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Lipid droplet–membrane contact sites–from protein binding to function. (Journal of cell science)

AR Thiam*, I Dugail*

Membrane asymmetry imposes directionality on Lipid Droplet Emergence from the ER. (Developmental Cell)

A Chorlay, L Monticelli, J Ferreira, KB M’barek, D Ajjaji, S Wang, E Johnson, M Omrane, R Beck, M Beller, P Carvalho, AR Thiam*,

Seipin Facilitates Triglyceride Flow to Lipid Droplet and Counteracts Droplet Ripening via Endoplasmic Reticulum Contact. (Developmental Cell)

VT Salo, S Li, H Vihinen, M Hölttä-Vuori, A Szkalisity, P Horvath, I Belevich, J Peränen, C Thiele, P Somerharju, H Zhao, A Santinho, AR Thiam*, E Jokitalo*, E Ikonen*

Septin 9 has Two Polybasic Domains Critical to Septin Filament Assembly and Golgi Integrity. (iScience)

M Omrane, AS Camara, C Taveneau, N Benzoubir, T Tubiana, J Yu, R Guérois, D Samuel, B Goud, C Poüs, S Bressanelli, RC Garratt, AR Thiam*, A Gassama-Diagne*

Dual binding motifs underpin the competitive targeting of perilipins1-3 to lipid droplets. (Molecular Biology of the Cell)

D Ajjaji, K Ben Mbarek, M Mimmack, C England, H Herscovitz, L Dong, S Patel, VSaudek, D; Small*, DB. Savage* and AR Thiam*


An Asymmetry in Monolayer Tension Regulates Lipid Droplet Budding Direction

A. Chorlay, AR Thiam,  Biophysical Journal


Targeting of the Drosophila protein CG2254/Ldsdh1 to a subset of lipid droplets

PJ Thul, K Tschapalda, P Kolkhof, AR Thiam, M Oberer, M Beller. Journal of Cell Science

ER Membrane Phospholipids and Surface Tension Control Cellular Lipid Droplet Formation

K. Ben M’barek, D. Ajjaji, A. Chorlay, S. Vanni, L. Forêt, AR Thiam. Developmental Cell

Lipid droplets can spontaneously bud off from a symmetrical bilayer

F. Deslandes, AR Thiam* and L. Forêt*.  Biophysical Journal

The why, when and how of lipid droplet diversity

AR Thiam, M.Beller, Journal of Cell Science


Seipin is required for converting nascent to mature lipid droplets

H. Wang, M. Becuwe, BE. Housden, C. Chitraju, AJ. Porras, MM. Graham, XN Liu, AR Thiam, DB. Savage, AK. Agarwal, A. Garg, MJ. Olarte, Q. Lin, F. Fröhlich, HK. Hannibal-Bach, S. Upadhyayula, N. Perrimon, T. Kirchhausen, CS. Ejsing, TC. Walther, RV. Farese Jr. eLife

The Physics of Lipid Droplet Nucleation, Growth and Budding.

AR Thiam, L. Forêt. BBA-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids

Conserved amphipathic helices mediate lipid droplet targeting of perilipins 1-3.

ER. Rowe, ML. Mimmack, AD. Barbosa, A. Haider, I. Isaac, MM. Ouberai, AR Thiam, S. Patel, V. Saudek, S. Siniossoglou, D.B. Savage. Journal of Biological Chemistry


The Energy of COPI for Budding Membranes.

AR Thiam, F. Pincet. Plos One

Protein Crowding Is a Determinant of Lipid Droplet Protein Composition.

N. Kory, AR Thiam, RV Farese, Jr. and TC Walther. *Equal contribution – Developmental Cell

The stability of C12Ej bilayers probed with adhesive droplets.

K. Astafyeva, W. Urbach, N. Garroum, N. Taulier, AR Thiam. Langmuir 


Single-step microfluidic fabrication of soft monodisperse polyelectrolyte microcapsules by interfacial complexation.

G. Kaufman, R. Boltyanskiy, S. Nejati, AR Thiam,  M. Loewenberg, E. R. Dufresne, C. O. Osuji. Lab on a Chip

Arf1/COPI machinery acts directly on lipid droplets and enables their connection to the ER for protein targeting. 

F Wilfling*, AR Thiam*, MJ Olarte , J Wang , R Beck , TJ Gould , ES Allgeyer , F Pincet , J Bewersdorf , RV Farese, Jr. and TC Walther. *Equal contribution- eLife

The biophysics and cell biology of lipid droplets.

AR. Thiam, RV Farese Jr, TC Walther – Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

COPI buds 60-nm lipid droplets from reconstituted water–phospholipid–triacylglyceride interfaces, suggesting a tension clamp function

AR. Thiam, B Antonny, J Wang, J Delacotte, F Wilfling, TC Walther, R Beck, JE Rothman, and F Pincet – PNAS

From stability to permeability of adhesive emulsion bilayers. 

AR. Thiam, N Bremond, J Bibette – Langmuir

Adhesive emulsion bilayers under an electric field: from unzipping to fusion. 

AR. Thiam, N Bremond, J Bibette – Physical review letters

Breaking of an emulsion under an ac electric field. 

AR. Thiam, N Bremond, J Bibette – Physical review letters

Decompressing emulsion droplets favors coalescence. 

N Bremond, AR. Thiam, J Bibette – Physical review letters

Highlighted in Physical Review Focus: To merge drops must separate

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